Not Letting the Chips Fall - India's USD 10bn Incentive Policy for Semiconductors

Webinar Overview


The global demand for semiconductors is expected to accelerate in the near future, driven by normalising economic activity, as well as a demand for electronic items, many of which also form components of larger products such as vehicles. However, the incidence of COVID-19, coupled with the geopolitical tensions between US and China have led to a shortage of semiconductors across the world, which in turn, has revealed the scope for semiconductor manufacturing. India’s budget for FY2023 has incorporated this with a USD 10bn incentive policy aimed to strengthen manufacturing of semiconductors in India. 

During the webinar, the teams at ISI Emerging Markets and Invest India will discuss the present status of manufacturing sector in India with a special focus on semiconductors, and the incentives and opportunities for firms to enter the semiconductor business.

Watch the webinar trailer below.