2021 COVID-19 Recovery Check | Emerging from the Crisis

Webinar Overview



А year after the COVID-19 outbreak, the global economy bid farewell to 2020 with a 3.5% contraction, in a state of lockdown in many countries and with fragile public and private finances. Nonetheless, the active vaccination campaigns might be a potential game-changer and governments and businesses dare take a bolder look into 2021, which will hopefully be a year of recovery. With plenty of data already available, the ISI Emerging Markets Group's economists make an in-depth analysis of the economic revival, the driving forces of the changes and the future outlook, with a focus on China, India and Brazil.


One year after the pandemic onset, how are the biggest emerging markets positioned on their recovery paths?


• China: Challenges and risks behind the encouraging numbers
• Brazil: Мass vaccination paving the route to economic recovery
• India: Maintaining the pace of recovery