What Does China Buy Online? Understanding Chinese Consumers

Webinar Overview


The COVID-19 outbreak, the country-wide lockdown in February 2020 and the subsequent social distancing measures proved the resilience of China’s online retail market. The overall retail market in China contracted by 20.5% y/y in February 2020 and remained in negative territory in the first nine months of the year. In contrast, online retail sales growth decelerated substantially in February, but remained positive and bounced back to double-digit territory in the second half of 2020.


 ISI Emerging Markets Group experts Alexander Ivanov (Head of Macroeconomic Research), Olivia Wu (Macroeconomic Researcher, China) and Ma Qi (Product Manager CEIC China) present the "What Does China Buy Online? Understanding Chinese Consumers" Webinar.


Webinar Highlights


Before downloading the full recording, you may wish to explore some of the key highlights taken from this webinar from our reel below.