Central Bank Digital Currency: The Future of Money

Webinar Overview


The emergence of private digital currencies in the payment ecosystem has created a parallel universe that could undermine the authority of Central Banks. In response, Central Banks have accelerated the exploration of digital currency, namely Central Bank Digital currency (CBDC), in order to stay relevant in the fast-evolving digital payments world.


According to the Atlantic Council GeoEconomics Center, 114 countries are currently exploring CBDCs, which comprise 95% of the global GDP. CBDCs are getting the ‘pride of place’ in Central Bank discussions and are touted as the ‘future of money’. India too, has taken the plunge by commencing both wholesale and retail CBDC pilot projects in 2022.


During this webinar, our experts will discuss CBDCs and explore their various features, designs, technology, advantages, and risks, with a special focus on India.

Watch the webinar trailer below.