Russia Economy in a Snapshot Q2 2022 Report

What does this quarterly economic report offer? 


Russia Economy in a Snapshot is a quarterly publicatiоn produced by the CEIC Macroeconomic Research Team. The report is designed to provide a comprehensive, albeit concise overview of the current economic and financial developments. The Russia Economy in a Snapshot report is produced using data from CEIC's Russia Premium Database.


Real GDP increased by 3.5% y/y in Q1 2022, according to the preliminary estimate. This will probably be the last quarter of economic expansion as the sanctions due to the war in Ukraine are expected to cause a deep recession from Q2 2022 on.


This report provides detailed sets of analysis, with a focus on the following macroeconomic groupings:

  • The economic outlook for Russia
  • Real Sector
  • Monetary and Financial Sector
  • Fiscal Sector
  • External Sector