A one-stop, cost-effective research tool for Corporate Strategists

The development of a successful strategy for your business requires access to intelligence on a wide array of topics. You need insight on what is happening in your sector in different parts of the world. You also need to be aware about developments that impact on your supply chain. Beyond that, you need to be able to monitor your competitors and identify new opportunities and risks. If only there was a research platform that provided access to all of that information in one place.


We’re pleased to tell you that there is and it’s called EMIS Professional.


EMIS is the leading curator of the very best industry and company intelligence. We license content only from market leading industry content providers at global and local level. Our focus on emerging market content means that you get specialist insight on high potential, high risk territories where it is often difficult to find reliable information to support your growth strategies. We supplement that industry research with deep-level data on over 10 million companies in developing countries and a database of 161,000+ M&A deals. We have licensing agreements with news providers in 197+ countries allowing you to monitor latest developments that affect your business across multiple territories in an efficient way.


All of this research and data is convened within a single, easy-to-use digital platform that allows you to find and extract the information you need quickly. EMIS includes sophisticated screening, benchmarking and alerting functionality that facilitates your research work, saving you time and generating genuine insight.


And in terms of cost effectiveness, a subscription to EMIS represents incredible value for money. Rather than having to subscribe to different content from different providers which can be a costly business, you get access to pretty much everything you need in one place for one price.

Why do corporate strategists use EMIS? 🢃​ 

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Why do Corporate Strategists use EMIS?

Thousands of corporate strategists rely on EMIS to monitor and analyse their business environment, keep track of competition and spot business opportunities in emerging markets.

Save time and money with a multi-sector, multi-country research platform


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Access to niche content and reports on an ad-hoc basis can be an undesirable expense for corporations.


The EMIS platform presents a one-stop-shop for industry reports, with over 450,000 published each year plus a database of over 10 million companies.






Assure the quality of your research through access to the leading providers of global and local intelligence 

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Make prompt business decisions from an insider’s perspective with intelligence from well-known sources, all in one platform.


Some of the top information providers sourced on our platform include Mordor Intelligence, IHS Markit, Frost & Sullivan, Oxford Economics, the Economist Intelligence Unit. Euromonitor, BIS Research, Fitch Solutions and many more.



Identify business opportunities


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Monitor and analyse industry trends, scan the market to identify businesses to partner with and sell to.


Our deep industry and country data allows you to identify expansion opportunities for new products and operations in new geographies.




Monitor your competition


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Stay up to date with what your competition is doing and find out how you and they are being reported in those countries.


The EMIS platform sends alerts based on events affecting companies of interest for your business or target market. 




What content do we provide?

Industry Intelligence

EMIS is the leading aggregator of research on business sectors in emerging markets. We also publish our own sector analysis through our series of EMIS Insights reports. Covering 197 developing countries, our information platform provides a mixture of in-depth analysis, news and data across over 250 industry sectors. Our range of reports includes global and country specific sector analysis. EMIS has licensing agreements with over 1,000 of the most renowned global and local publishers of industry-related content around the world, making it the most comprehensive repository of industry research covering both emerging and developed markets.

Company Analysis

EMIS is the leading provider of information on emerging market public and private companies. Users of our service benefit from access to profiles and data for over 10 million companies. For 30 years, EMIS has been working with data providers in local markets to source reliable company information. We make huge efforts to gather data in places where it can be hard to find. Our information includes everything needed to assess a business including main activities, key contacts, financial performance, peer businesses and more. We also provide a database of M&A deals in emerging markets, critical data to support your acquisition strategy.


Company profiles

In-depth analysis of companies and their performance is facilitated by detailed profiles.


EMIS licenses the most authoritative sources of news information in each country and industry that it covers. Our service provides a deep and broad database of news from the best-known local and global newspapers and trade press. We publish over 50,000 news articles on our platform every day. And we give you the tools to monitor that news and alert you to important developments that might affect your business.


News coverage

Company news

  • Earnings forecasts
  • Financial results
  • Ownership changes
  • Management changes
  • Corporate governance
  • Company initiatives
  • M&A
  • Management
  • Interviews/quotes

Industry news

  • Industrial policy
  • Sector overview
  • Industry segmentation
  • Industry forecast
  • Market size
  • Sector growth
  • Statistics
  • Tender