A One-Stop, Cost-Efficient Information Service for Corporate Strategists

Corporate strategists need firsthand, up-to-date, coverage of industry research and analysis, deep company intelligence and news.  At EMIS, users of the service benefit from our ability to convene the very best global and local sources of industry analysis.

We are not just aggregators of the very best content from leading publishers, we also publish our own sector analysis on key industries, in key emerging markets.

Why corporate strategists use EMIS?


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Why Corporate Strategists use EMIS?

Thousands of corporate strategists rely on EMIS to monitor and analyse their business environment, keep track of competition and spot business opportunities in emerging markets.

Identify Opportunities 

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Monitor and analyse industry trends, scan the market to identify businesses to partner with and sell to.


Our deep industry and country data presents corporate strategists with vast opportunity to identify expansion opportunities for new products and operations in new geographies.



Monitor Competition

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Stay up to date with what your competition is doing and find out how you and they are being reported in those countries.


Our platform sends alerts based on events affecting companies of interest of a Corporate Strategist’s business or target market.



Quick Insights 

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Make prompt business decisions from an insider’s perspective with intelligence from well-known sources, all in one platform.


Our service of niche content with over 450,000 reports published each year avoids undesirable expense for corporations.



Monitor Competition

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Stay up-to-date with what your competition is doing and find out how you and they are being reported on in those countries.






How our platform supports corporate strategists

Our Industry Intelligence

EMIS is the leading aggregator of research on business sectors in emerging markets. We also publish our own sector analysis through our series of EMIS Insights reports.


Covering 197 developing countries, our information platform provides a mixture of news, in-depth analysis, and data across over 250 industry sectors. EMIS has licensing agreements with over 1,000 of the most renowned global and local publishers of industry-related content around the world.

Our Company Intelligence

EMIS is the leading provider of information on emerging market public and private companies. Users of our service benefit from access to profiles and data for 9.7 million companies. For 30 years, EMIS has been working with data providers in local markets to source reliable company information. We make huge efforts to gather data in places where it can be hard to find.


Our information includes everything needed to assess a business including main activities, key contacts, financial performance, peer businesses and more. Supplementing the company data is a wealth of news analysis that allows subscribers to monitor developments involving companies of interest.

Our News Intelligence

For 30 years EMIS has been involved in identifying the most authoritative sources of news information in each country and industry that it covers. Our service provides a deep and broad database of news from some of the well-known local and global newspapers and other news sources.


Our team of content managers around the world establish close relationships with news providers who supply their intellectual property to us for dissemination to an audience that extends beyond their traditional local readership.


A separate team of EMIS content editors utilise our proprietary content tagging software to ensure that the information is categorised and tagged correctly, making it easily searchable and discoverable within our service.


As a rule, all news articles are published on our platform before 9am on the date of publication at source. We continue to publish news throughout the day as it is fed to us from newswire services.

Providing niche and hard-to-find information all within one platform

We are acutely aware of the challenges that corporate strategists can experience in their work. EMIS provides a resolution to the following:

  • Corporate strategists require curated content and recommendations to keep up-to-date on their respective market. Our account managers and support teams assist users with setting up ad-hoc alerts that best pertain to their needs and interests.
  • Access to niche content and reports on an ad-hoc basis can be an undesirable expense for corporations. The EMIS platform presents a one-stop-shop for industry reports, with over 450,000 published each year.
  • Corporate strategists need access to key information on target companies to be able to perform a thorough analysis. Our company profiles provide business descriptions, contact information, financials, peer companies and much more. 

Identifying business opportunities and reducing risks

EMIS is a pivotal information database leveraged by corporate strategists to evaluate the market that they operate within.

  • Our deep industry and country data presents users with vast opportunity to identify expansion opportunities for new products and operations in new geographies.
  • Corporate strategists also use our platform to identify potential acquisition targets through our extensive company database and deep company profiles.
  • The EMIS Professional platform enables corporates to track competition and new developments in the market.

Extensive coverage and diverse analytical features

 The EMIS platform caters to the information needs of corporate strategists in a number of ways:

  • Depth of local company data across emerging and developed markets.
  • Niche industry reports and economic research.
  • Deep M&A information on deals, reports, leaderboards and more.
  • The EMIS platform sends alerts based on events affecting the respective company of corporate strategists affecting their business or market.

Easy to navigate interface and modern functionality 

The EMIS platform fulfils functionality expectations required by corporate strategists in order to complete their work efficiently and effectively: 

  • The EMIS platform presents a simple UX to navigate through contextual content.
  • The platform contains altering tools to keep track of news covering certain companies and markets pertaining to the interests of every user.
  • The EMIS Professional platform is easily accessible from mobile devices, with an interface to support this.


Our Extensive In-platform Coverage

Company and M&A Data

Deep database of company information for over 9.7 million public & private company profiles as well as data on over 160,000 M&A and ECM deals with proprietary research and forecasts. 

Research Reports

Over 450,000 proprietary and well-renowned research reports each year on the EMIS platform.

Information Coverage within the EMIS Platform

Industry Sectors

Over 250 industry sectors, covering news, research statistics and forecasts.

News Stories

Over 50,000 news stories are published each day on the EMIS platform.

Key features to enable your research and analysis

Industry Research and Analysis

Deep coverage and functionality for more than 250 industry sectors, including benchmark and analytical tools to enhance your research.  

Research Reports

Get access to defining indicators and understand how trends shape the future of markets with our extensive one-stop research report knowledgebase.

Company Profiles

In-depth analysis of companies and their performance, facilitated by detailed profiles.

Credit Analysis

Data and analysis to support evaluation of creditworthiness of emerging market businesses.

Company Search and Screening

EMIS’ company database is augmented by powerful selection and screening tools to find specific companies or a range of companies that match specific profile criteria. Search and selection is possible through a wide range of criteria:

Daily News

EMIS publishes over 50,000 news articles each day, allowing users to monitor their industries and markets of interest seamlessly.

Macroeconomic Statistics and Forecasts

Access reports, news, statistics, forecasts and much more from both emerging and developed markets.

EMIS publishes over 50,000 news articles each day, allowing users to monitor their industries and markets of interest seamlessly.

M&A Data

We cover M&A information on more than 161,000 deals in over 197 countries, combining proprietary M&A and ECM research and deal valuations.

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