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For over 25 years EMIS has been involved in identifying the most authoritative sources of news information in each country that it covers. Our service provides a deep and broad database of news from well renowned publications.

Country news ›

Stay well informed on economic news that is hard to find. 

EMIS news sources cover:
  • Labour market
  • Economic growth
  • Inflation
  • Exchange rate
  • Foreign trade
  • Monetary policy rates
  • Politics
  • Financial Markets

Company news ›

Stay well informed on company news that is hard to find. 

EMIS news sources cover:
  • Business & Financial results
  • Investment & deals
  • Negative news
  • Earnings forecasts
  • Financial results
  • Public offerings
  • Ownership & Management changes
  • Corporate governance
  • Company initiatives
  • M&A
  • Management
  • Interviews/quotes

Industry news ›

Stay well informed on industry news that is hard to find. 

EMIS news sources cover:
  • Industrial policy
  • Industry performance
  • Industry regulation
  • Sector overview
  • Industry segmentation
  • Industry forecast
  • Market size
  • Sector growth
  • Statistics
  • Tender

EMIS subscription goes beyond news


Our partnerships

Our team of content managers around the world establish close relationships with news providers who supply their intellectual property to us for dissemination to an audience that extends beyond their traditional local readership.


EMIS publishes over 52,000 news in 16 local languages every day coming from our sources located in each emerging market and in order to facilitate content discoverability approximately 13 thousand news published in local languages are translated every day to English, this means that if you run a query using words in English EMIS will include in the results news that were originally written in other language.

Categorisation and curation

With such a vast amount of news content available, it is critical that relevant and timely content is easily accessible to our users. We use modern machine learning techniques to categorize our news content within more than forty different topics.

Our editors

A team of EMIS content editors monitor the media and select key news for industries and countries so our users can subscribe to newsletters in order to receive them directly on their emails, or to see them Industry and Country profiles.

About EMIS.

At EMIS we look at more than 168 emerging markets in depth and give you all the detailed information that you need. We gather data about companies, industries and countries to provide you with a view from the ground level.

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