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We make huge efforts to gather company data in places where it can be hard to find. For over 25 years, EMIS has been working with data providers in local markets to source reliable company information, in most cases, the local company registrars.

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Our company information includes everything needed to make an assessment of a business including main activities, key contacts, financial performance, peer businesses and more.

EMIS Fact: 2.4 million companies cover financial data, and historical data

News and M&A ›

Supplementing the company data is a wealth of news analysis and M&A information to monitor developments involving companies of interest.

EMIS Facts: 52,000 news stories published daily, and a database of over 156,000 M&A deals

Analytical tools ›

EMIS’ proprietary search and screening tools help you consistently track competition, monitor business risks, identify prospects, and spot key strategic partners.

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In-depth analysis of companies and their performance is facilitated by detailed profiles.


EMIS publishes hundreds of news articles on companies each day. This allows users to monitor developments around companies of interest.


We cover M&A information on more than 156,000 in over 168 countries, combining proprietary M&A and ECM research and deal valuations.

Credit analysis

Data and analysis to support evaluation of creditworthiness of emerging market businesses.

Search and screening

EMIS’ company database is augmented by powerful selection and screening tools to find specific companies or a range of companies that match specific profile criteria. Search and selection is possible through a wide range of criteria:

A glimpse into EMIS’ company intelligence

We encourage you to watch this short video clip on how EMIS helps analyse, benchmark and research companies. Our EMIS subscription might help you delve deeper into company data and more.

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