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EMIS is the leading aggregator of research on business sectors in emerging markets. Users of our service benefit from our ability to convene the very best sources of industry analysis, forecasts and data. We also publish our own sector analysis through our series of EMIS Insights reports.

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We aggregate the cream of the world’s industry sources, meaning you have your pick of the research in just a few clicks. Get an overarching view from global and local providers, meaning you get your industry view from outside and within. Gain access to EMIS Insights, our own detailed reports that cover key sectors in the most important markets.

EMIS Fact: 460,000+ research reports are published each year

Statistics & Forecasts ›

Perform complex industry comparisons across multiple industry indicators. Project sustainable growth. Target key opportunities. Sophisticated screening tools make it simple, allowing you to view, analyse, chart and export the data you need.

EMIS Fact: EMIS covers over 250 industry sectors across 168+ countries

Industry tools ›

EMIS’ proprietary industry tools help quickly analyse company or industry trends and rankings, ensuring that your ability to assess relative performance and risk is more accurate than ever.

EMIS subscription goes beyond industry data

10 + Million

private and public company profiles

460,000+ research

reports released every year

250 + industry sectors

covering research, news, statistics and forecasts

52,000+ news stories

published daily and continuously through the day

167,00+ M&A/ECM deals

also including research and deal valuations

5,600+ publications

proprietary & renowned third-party coverage


Industry reports

Find reports on major or niche industries from multiple local and global sources. Our coverage pans from global, regional, and country-level research to competitive landscape, outlook, trends, and forecast.

EMIS Insights

We are not just an aggregator of sector analysis, we are also a provider of industry intelligence in our own right.


Our detailed EMIS Insights reports cover key sectors in the most important markets. They are prepared by our highly experienced team of editors and contributors with local industry knowledge.

Industry news

Monitor developments around industries and companies of interest through thousands of news articles published each day from local and global well renowned publications.

Industry statistics

Statistics from renowned sources are organised and displayed to enable you to perform complex industry comparisons across multiple indicators. Sophisticated screening tools make it simple for you to target, analyse, chart and export the data you need.

Compare trends

Quickly perform company vs industry, or industry vs industry financial, performance or market share comparisons across multiple periods and analyse the financials or ratios of your choice.

Industry benchmark indicators

Quickly analyse company or industry trends and rankings using EMIS’ benchmark indicators. You can select relevant financials and compare companies against existing or custom defined industries to assess their ranking and performance against their constituents.

A glimpse into EMIS’ industry intelligence

We encourage you to watch this short video clip on how EMIS helps you stay on top of the developments in your sectors of interest across emerging markets. Our EMIS subscription might help you delve deeper into industry data and more.

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