Foresight 2022 Report

coming mid-December 


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Report Overview


More than a year after COVID-19 exposed the vulnerabilities of global supply chains, consumers and businesses around the world continue to feel the effects of the disruptions that many say will get much worse before they get any better. At first, it was the pandemic-related lockdowns that ground manufacturing to a halt in key export markets. Then as lockdowns eased and the global economy resumed its growth, the skyrocketing demand exacerbated the supply chain chaos with pandemic-weary consumers keen on spending again but finding goods either absent or much more expensive. Foresight 2022 offers a comprehensive insight into the shortage economy. In the decade following the financial crisis, the global economy was suffering from a lack of spending and now its main problem is scarcity. How did we get there and what’s in store in the future? These are the main topics that we will discuss in the Foresight 2022. Other main topics this year are the allure and perils of DeFi, China’s regulatory storm, Brazil’s drought crisis and much more. 


Disrupted Economy

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A comprehensive look into the shortage economy. Is it a long-term shortage or a short-lived longing for stuff?



The Global Supply Crunch

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Supply chain disruptions are bound to shape the economic recovery, as it continues into 2022 in an uncertain environment. What are the lessons learned and what can we do to find the cure?



The Allure and Perils of DeFi

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A section of this year's Foresight report focuses on the DeFi (Decentralised Finance) concept, its history, current applications, advantages and disadvantages compared to traditional centralised finance, and the future of the technology.

China’s Regulatory Storm 

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Policy crackdowns on the property market, the tech industry and the education sector tested the nerves of the market in 2021, leaving investors to wonder which industry is next. What are the implications behind those policy moves? What should we expect moving forward?

Europe’s Energy Crisis 

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Record prices and shortages of gas supply have set the stage for a full-blown energy crisis knocking on Europe’s door weeks before the winter season. Is the EU’s hasty transition away from fossil fuels and its heavy dependence on Russian gas to be blamed or is it partly Russia’s fault? 


Commodities Boom and Busts

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One of the biggest market stories of 2021 was that of a commodities surge. Rising prices will aid Latin America in its pandemic recovery but, more importantly, will governments across the region use the windfall to reform their economies to set them on a long-term sustainable growth path or, like many times during previous commodities booms, will they squander it on lavish spending to secure political success?