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             A comprehensive information platform providing company, country and industry intelligence for emerging markets


Company Intelligence



✓ Over 9.4+ million private & public company profiles, including:

    Financial statements

    Ownership information

    Key executives

✓156,000+ M&A deals database

✓ Across 168+ countries


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 Industry Research



✓ 2,400 Sources:


✓ 460,000 research reports/year

✓ In-depth research statistics and forecasts covering 250+ sectors

✓ EMIS proprietary industry research 



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 News Analysis

✓ 52,000 news stories every day

✓ 500+ leading regional & national newspapers

✓ 450+ newswires to monitor key events

✓ 450+ Global & trade publications

✓ Content in 16 languages


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For students & researchers



EMIS University offers access to a real-world industry resource and is ideal for research into economics, finance and international business in the emerging markets.


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With over 25 years of experience as a provider of emerging markets intelligence, EMIS brings together the best and most trusted global and local information sources.

We combine that with our proprietary research to offer you the best available coverage on emerging markets.
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How can EMIS help you?

Save time finding hard-to-get private company information within a comprehensive database of over 9.4 million emerging market companies.


Access to time-sensitive, relevant news, research and analytical data for over 168 emerging markets.

Utilise EMIS alert funcionality and screening tools to get the right information at the right time.


For further information or to request a demonstration you can

contact our dedicated account manager for EMIS University:


    • Sophia Sanders: ssanders@emis.com

      Telephone: +44 207 153 1197