The EMIS database contains 150,000+ M&A and ECM deals with proprietary research and forecasts and is a part of a broader information platform which also contains company, sector and macroeconomic intelligence for a range of emerging markets.


The data below is an accumulation of deal flow within each month, including both disclosed and estimated undisclosed deal value.

April 2020

Regions covered include Central & Southeast Europe, Middle East & Africa, The Caucasus & Central Asia, Latin America & the Caribbean, and Emerging Asia.

 Q1 2020

EMIS M&A Quarterly Index Methodology 


The EMIS M&A Index is a single, easy to understand quarterly indicator of mergers and acquisitions activity across global emerging markets. It shows how M&A develops in each quarter since the beginning of 2015 when the index was launched with a baseline value of 100...



A monthly round-up of the top M&A deals for Emerging Asia, Latin America & the Caribbean, Middle East & Africa and Europe.

April 2020 top M&A deals by region

Facebook announced that it will acquire a 9.99% stake in Indian digital company Jio Platforms for INR 435bn (USD 5.7bn).

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March 2020 top M&A deals by region

CPF won the bidding race to acquire the Thai and Malaysian operations of British retailer Tesco with an offer of USD 10.6bn. 

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February 2020 top M&A deals by region

For a second consecutive month, no deals in Latin America & the Caribbean surpassed USD 1bn in value.

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January 2020 top M&A deals by region

The month was dominated by big deals for minority stakes in China, with the top two deals accumulatively over 2 USD bn in value.

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December 2019 top M&A deals by region

In the first major purchase of an overseas lender, Bangkok Bank agreed to take over 89% of Indonesia's Bank Permata.

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November 2019 top M&A deals by region

November saw the largest oil auction in the history of Brazil, with a total signing bonus of USD 17bn.

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An archive of our M&A related articles posted on EMIS.

Facebook bets on India users in its biggest acquisition since 2014

Before the Facebook investment, the carrier was wholly-owned by Reliance Industries.

28 May, 2020

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EU members say no to bargain hunters outside bloc

Protections were enforced to shield companies that lost value since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak.

26 May, 2020

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Plunging valuations spur a hunt for deals - Appeasing fears of M&A dearth

Private equity dealmakers seek to take advantage of lower valuations. 

29 Apr, 2020

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Rosneft withdraws from Venezuela in USD 4bn asset disposal

In exchange for the assets, Rosneft will take a 9.6% stake in itself.

29 Apr, 2020

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COVID-19: Mexico's M&A activity takes a hit in Q1

Mexico's M&A activity staggered in Q1 2020, as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

16 Apr, 2020

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China's firms prepare for discounted European M&A deals

Chinese firms are readying discounted offers for European companies. 

9 Apr, 2020

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Fighting for life, fighting for the economy


The coronavirus outbreak triggered an exodus from riskier markets. 

26 Mar, 2020

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Indebted South African agri-processor Tongaat Hulett offloads starch uni

The transaction with Barloworld is worth ZAR 5.35bn (USD 348mn). 

25 Mar, 2020

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Two countries, one rich woman: Isabel dos Santos


"Africa's richest woman" has been accused of fraud and money laundering. 

24 Feb, 2020

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China Merchants Energy buys four cargo shipping companies

Despite the global emergency caused by the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, Chinese dealmaking has continued.

24 Feb, 2020

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Subdued emerging market M&A activity in 2019


Activity across the four major regions fell year-on-year in 2019.

23 Jan, 2020

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Ukraine raises expectations for privatisation process


Volodymyr Zelensky's administration's aim is for 40% GDP growth over the next five years.

16 Dec, 2019

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